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THE BAR BETWEEN DIMENSIONS: Chapter IV(OR the Precursor to the Incredibly Expositional Chapter V)

“But… I don’t want to save the universe.” Said Jessi.

“Well, it’s EVERY universe that you’d be saving.” Responded the Grand Poohbah Minister Marshall, Tord Flord.

“I don’t want to do that either. I have work today.”

“I don’t think you’re grasping the enormity of the circumstance here, Ms. Vendredi. Existence as a whole is--”

“Hold on a second,” Jessi interrupted. “How can I understand you?” The “out of left field” nature of the question caught the Grand Poohbah Minister Marshall, Tord Flord, off guard.

“Pardon?” it asked.

“I mean, like, how do you understand english? We are speaking english right? This doesn’t make sense. Since you aren’t from earth, you shouldn’t be able to speak english but here we are, speaking english--”

“We are not in your dimension,” The Grand Poohbah Minister Marshall, Tord Flord replied.

“Yes but that doesn’t answer my question. How are you able to--”

“Unlike YOUR dimension, in most dimensions, the sun never really ended up setting on the British Empire.” It took a second, but it eventually sunk in for Jessi.

“Oh… so, Queen Elizabeth--”

“Is Supreme Queen Elizabeth in this dimension, conqueror of over thirteen thousand galaxies and the reason that lightspeed travel is available.”

“Holy Guacamole.”

“Holy guacamole indeed.... Now as I was saying, you don’t really have a choice in the matter with this “I don’t want to help save existence” business.”

“Whyyyyy?!” Asked Jessi with a whine.

“Because, people are going to die. And your work won’t matter if everyone dies.”

“Ugh,” said Jessi.

“Don’t be selfish, Ms. Vendredi.” Jessi sighed.

“I just don’t get how I am supposed to be of any help on a mission of this importance.” The Grand Poohbah Minister Marshall, Tord Flord, smiled at that.

“You, madame, happen to be the most important person in the galaxy.” Jessi’s eyes widened.

“I am?” The Grand Poohbah Minister Marshall, Tord Flord, nodded at that.

“Take a walk with me.” It gestured for Jessi to follow, then turned and headed down the long corridor that they were standing in. Jessi looked around before following suit. “It’s time you learn of exactly why Tyrk Dingo headed to earth to find you.”


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