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Luca Needs to Go

Updated: Jan 27, 2023

INT. MARCONI WAREHOUSE - DAY Crime boss LORENZO (55, white) sits at a poker table in a dank warehouse across from ANTONIO (33, white) and SALVATORE (48, white).

The three gangsters are playing texas hold'em and drinking scotch. Salvatore is smoking a cigar. He puffs an "o" and draws the next flop. He grins.

Lorenzo does too.

Antonio fiddles with his cards for a second, before putting them face down, and looking to Lorenzo.

ANTONIO Hey boss, you mind if I say somethin'?

LORENZO Tony, you already did--

ANTONIO Yeah, but can I state an observation I made recently?

LORENZO By all means, cugine, speak it free.

Antonio lets out a shaky breath.

ANTONIO If you don't mind me sayin', Enz... I think Luca deserves a blow.

SALVATORE If you're the one doin' it to him, I don't think the boss is gonna give a shit--

ANTONIO No Sal, I mean a fuckin' vacation ya fruitcake, Jesus.

Lorenzo looks up from his cards.

LORENZO You mind elaboratin' there, babe? Antonio shifts uncomfortably.

ANTONIO Yeah... the guy's a work horse, everybody knows it.

I mean, he don't mind it, he ain't got no kids or nothin...

but everyone deserves a break, Boss.

SALVATORE It is true, Enz, he don't take no days off. Not even on Christmas Eve.

ANTONIO He don't got nobody to do the seven fishes with so he spent last Christmas droppin

Giancarlo off to a car compactor.

LORENZO He didn't leave no trace of'em.

ANTONIO He'd never ask for a break neither, Enz.

You know that. Guy works harder than anybody else--


Except for me--


Especially you, fuckbag--

Antonio looks to Lorenzo.

ANTONIO (CONT'D) And he does whatever you ask of him, without hesitation.

LORENZO I appreciate his undying loyalty to this family and myself.

ANTONIO That's why I was thinking, Enz... you should ask him to take a sabbatical.

SALVATORE All work and no play... uh... makes a mothah fuckuh crack or whatevah.



Lorenzo puts his cards down.

LORENZO Never, in my youth, do I remember seeing people placing as high of a value

on mental health as you two do.

It's truly inspiring.

Caring for the wellbeing of friend's

mind in such a manner...

it's something every crime family should prioritize.


A-hundred-percent, boss.

LORENZO I'm with you boys. Let us make sure that Luca,

who has been nothing short of spectacular these last few years,

goes on a vacation worthy of his service.




LUCA SPINELLI (49, white) walks up to the door of the warehouse.

The conversation inside can be heard.

SALVATORE (O.S.) I've been thinking Luca needs to go for a while now.

A look of horror finds its way onto Luca's face.

LORENZO (O.S.) He definitely should. He deserves it,

and I'm glad you boys think so too.

I'll pay the both of ya good money to set him up.

Luca backs away from the door, and out of frame.


ANTONIO I was thinking of somewhere with beaches, beautiful broads, and fine liquor.

SALVATORE I believe you just described Cabo, my friend.


I believe I did.

LORENZO Then that settles it. Luca is going to Cabo for... is two weeks enough?


That's perfect, boss.

LORENZO Good. You boys arrange the flight and hotel,

I'll give him forty grand as a bonus

to make sure he has a good time.

SALVATORE That's really generous of you, Enz.


Luca walks back to the door with a gun in hand and he presses his ear against it.

LORENZO (O.S.) I just wanna make sure he's taken care of, is all.

Luca's eyes grow wide and his mouth hangs open.

ANTONIO (O.S.) Oh he will be Enz, don't worry..

Luca rips open the door and storms inside.


The broads in Cabo are- Hey Luca, we was just saying--

A gunshot is heard.


Luca, Jesus fuckin' Christ!

Two more shots ring out. Luca walks out the door and throws his hood up.


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