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An Uncomfortable Conversation

INT. HOTEL ROOM - DAY A group of five people sit in a semicircle, facing the door of the hotel room.

There is TOM, an elderly man, CLAIRE, his wife, JORDAN, his youngest son, ALICE, his daughter, and JAMES, his fourteen year-old grandson.

The door handle starts to wiggle, and the voice of CLARK, Tom's oldest son and James's father, is from heard outside the room.

CLARK I'm glad we finally get some alone time.

The door opens. Clark and his wife MARISSA walk in. Clark see's everyone.


What the fuck... Mom? Dad?


Hello son.

Marissa walks over to the family, puts her hands on her son's shoulders, and shoots Clark a look of great disappointment and sorrow.

CLARK Honey... what's going on?

CLAIRE We've all been worried about you sweetie.

JAMES You haven't been acting like yourself, dad.

CLARK James, Daddy's been working really hard lately to-

ALICE Cut the shit, Clark. We know.



JORDAN We know about... your problem.

Clark takes a second.


Look, guys-

CLAIRE There are NO excuses for that.

TOM Just who the hell do you think you are, Clark?!

CLARK I couldn't function, dad!

TOM Well then you're a coward!

CLARK I'm not a coward for refusing to smoke opium anymore!

Alice turns to Jordan.

ALICE I told you he'd get defensive.

Jordan shakes his head.

MARISSA Opium is what brings this family together! It's how you and I met.

It's why James was born!



CLARK I'm trying to change that, Marissa! We shouldn't be raising a kid

while we're high on fucking opium!

Clark turns to look at James, who at this point in time lights up an opium pipe and takes a hit from it.



James coughs.


Suck an egg, suit.

CLARK James! You do not talk to me like that!

TOM No, he's right! What, do you think you're better than us or something?

Just cuz you don't smoke opium?

CLARK YES, I DO! Because it destroyed your lives and no one


opium since Prussia was a goddamn country!

MARISSA Your refusal to use opium has torn this family apart, Clark!

CLAIRE You work for an accounting firm now!

Claire gets choked up.

CLAIRE (CONT'D) My own son, giving up opium to become a fucking nerd!

Claire starts to sob.

Tom comforts his bawling wife. He turns to Clark.

TOM Look at what you're doing to your mother!

Clark rolls his eyes.

He looks at James.


Jesus Christ.

James starts to drool on himself. He turns to Marissa.

CLARK (CONT'D) This is ok? Living like this is ok with you?


No... it's not.

CLARK Thank you! Thank you for finally coming to your sens--

MARISSA I could never be ok with my husband thinking he's too good for his own family.

EVERYONE, save for Clark and James clap and cheer on Marissa. Clark stares in awe at the crowd.

James continues to drool on himself.

Muh. JAMES MARISSA I want a divorce!

Clarks shakes his head and chuckles to himself very briefly.

CLARK Don't threaten me with a good time!

MARISSA And I want full custody of James! JAMES


CLARK You must be high if you think a judge would grant you VISITATIONS,

forget about full custody!


Dahhh that blows.

MARISSA I AM HIGH, for the record!



James goes for another hit.

CLARK (CONT'D) Could you please, refrain from using opium, for forty fucking seconds?

James flips off his father.

Clark looks around the room.


Screw this!

He throws his hands up.

CLARK (CONT'D) I don't care anymore. You wanna keep smoking opium?

Go for it! Just don't try to wrap me up

in your low-life shit EVER again!

With that, Clark turns, leaves, and slams the door behind him.

There is a brief moment of silence.

TOM Welp. Good riddance, I suppose.

Another brief pause.

CLAIRE Hey James, can grandma steal a rip from you?


Yeah sure.


Good shit sonny.


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